Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wanna skyve?

By: Mohammed Noor Bin Talat Mahmmod

Sky high you will fly after having some Skyve!

So what is this Skyve all about?

Simply put its a bistro & bar located at, 10 Winstedt Road Block E

Especially known for their usage of Sous Vide (click here to read about Sous Vide) for their cooking Skyve Elementary is a place for all.

Bringing you over 70 wine labels from the old and new world regions to award winning dining experiences Skyve does not need to promise you that they'll offer you the best, they just want to prove it to you they'll provide the best!

Now, they will not only be known for their unique style of cooking, or awards. They will now officially also be known as the proud Prize Sponsors of Republic Polytechnic's Blogger Challenge 2012/2013.

So here's a shout out to our Prize Sponsors and THANK YOU! Not only for sponsoring this event but also being part of the learning journey we have had through this blogger challenge!

So fellow idiots, DO NOT MISS OUT on probably one of the greatest dining experiences you will have! I mean come on, even Lady Iron Chef said: " I fell in love with the place the moment I stepped inside."

So Check them out simply by clicking ----------> Skyve where you can find what they serve, where they serve and even how they serve!

And besides sky high will you fly after you've Skyve!


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