Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Living the spicy life

Spicy  foods doesn't stop the love for delicious foods for Jamie Loo

Introducing Jamie Loo, someone who thinks how delicious it is is the most the important part of eating even if it is too spicy.

Here's our exciting interview with her and how it went!

Idiots: We know that you love food, but how much do you love it?

Ans: infinity and beyond? Ha ha. I love eating all the different kinds of foods and how delicious they all taste!

Idiots: What kinds of food do you like?

Ans: Spicyyyyy! Especially McSpicy! WITH CHEESE! Want to see a picture I have of it?! I have a collection of all the foods I love to eat.

Look at all the delicious things she eats!

Idiots: Okay..? So we can assume you can take the heat from spicy foods?

Ans: Yes...but one bite of any kind of spicy food is accompanied with three glasses of cold plain water. Ha ha!

Idiots: Hold up! So you can't handle spicy food but love to eat it?

Ans: Spicy foods give me a sense of satisfaction that your tummy is feeling explosive because you just had a good meal!

Idiots: Explosive?

Ans: Yes!!

Someone who handles a spicy meal with many glasses of cold water. It's quite apparent that Jamie can't handle spicy foods but eats it nonetheless! Her love and passion for tasty foods overcomes her inability to handle spiciness. 


Although she lives to eat, Jamie also spends her spare time and energy from all those food she eats to play play with frisbee. Being the captain of Republic Polytechnic's frisbee team and a member of Zero displacement shows that she has her work cut out for her.

Photo credit : Jamie Loo

Photo credit : Jamie Loo

Idiots: So how do you balance work and play and... food?

Ans: Ermmm....I try to do the best that I can with my school and hobbies. Regarding always have time for it! Whether at home or at school!

Idiots: So you cook at home as well? 

Ans: Well....I love to eat more than cooking. I have tried to cook my own food before and they turned out okay. Wanna see some pictures of it?

Photo credit : Jamie Loo
Idiots: So what's the best kind of food have you ever cooked by yourself?

Ans: My very own instant noodle! I added prawn, veggies, beef and a bit of pepper to create my own dish. I call it Jamie's Noodle!

Despite all of this, Jamie also finds the time to run her own blog with her friends. CheapieFoodie is a blog where they highlight delicious foods around sunny Singapore at affordable prices. The foods are never the same as they explore different parts of Singapore to find the best dishes.

Idiots: How do you feel about being part of CheapieFoodie?

Ans: It adds on to the already very adventurous life that I have and its a pleasure for me to be able to share it with other food fanatics.

Idiots: So do you have any thing to say to food lovers and us, the idiots?

Ans: Enjoy the food for what it taste like! Unhealthy or healthy, its whether you're happy after that meal that matters at the end of the day! OH! But don't forget to exercise too! :)

Idiots: Thank you for this interview and we hope you get to eat plenty of delicious food in the future!

That concludes our interview with Jamie Loo. Do look forward to meeting more individuals who share the same passion for food and how it revolves around in their lives on Cooking for idiots!


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