Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spicy French Fries

Hello fellow idiots!

How have your week been so far?I hope it's going well as Miss French Fries is back again for another idiot-proof recipe. This time, I want to share with you guys something spicy and crispy that you can munch on during your free time.

As I am someone who is in lurveeee with french fries, of course I will share with you guys my favourite snack and how to do it at home!

Firstly, the ingredients are:

1. Water
2. Potatoes (you can use any kinds of potatoes but russet potatoes is the best for cooking french fries!)
3. Paprika
4. Salt
5. Chilli flakes
6. Flour
7. Coriander leaves

Next, cut the potatoes and soak them in cold water so that the potatoes won't turn brown. You can cut the potatoes in whichever way you like it.

Heat the oil in the skillet to a medium high heat. While the oil is heating, sift the flour and spices into a bowl. You can add as much of the spices as you want according to your own taste.
Don't forget to add salt too for taste.
Finally, add in enough water so that the mixture is not too watery or too thick.

Dip the potatoes into the batter one at a time and fry it into the skillet. Fry until it turns golden brown and crispy. When it is ready, remove it and drain on paper towels.

And voila! The spicy french fries is ready!
If you guys have any suggestions on what recipes you would like to see, don't be shy and comment on the comment box and we idiots will take up your challenge. Have fun trying!

Published on: 20/01/2013 17:55


  1. Whoa, those fries look really hot! As a spicy lover myself, I shall try these if I manage to get hold of those kinds of potatoes!

  2. Hello there Sir Tenn Seels, yup the fries are spicy but especially crispy!The potatoes are actually available at any supermarkets and they are easy to find!but if you still can't find it using any other potatoes will be fine too! :) good luck in trying!